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Lincoln Ongalo, CEO & Founder

To understand how Ajobintime came to existence, you will need to first hear my story. I am a 20-year-old Kenyan student currently studying in Biomedical Engineering. 

I have a dream, a dream of one day starting a business which will help millions of people someday, but first I was told that I needed to go to school, study hard, go to university, graduate, if I want, do a masters or a PhD. Go to an industry, be employed for about 10 years then finally start a business. That was my life plan. I believed it was the only way I could obtain sufficient skills to bring forth positive change to the community, because what can a mere 19-year-old do anyway? Actually, we can do a lot. I foolishly deceived myself to believe that I didn’t have any valuable skills, at the age of 20.

Ajobintime takes African Students on an entrepreneurial journey. Of what we call 3Es; We help the student EMBARK on a new side hustle, after that we ENRICH the hustle by providing it with a professional website, lastly, we EXPAND their side hustles using our elite team of student social media marketers whose sole purpose is to put their hustle in the hands of millions and grow their brands awareness. 

Our goal here is to bridge the gap between African Students and the world, by uniting the two fronts together. These students which are on our site, are all very skillful, the proof is everywhere, everything on Ajobintime is fulfilled by African Students, form the blogs to the websites, to the marketing. We created a section for business owners, so that they can  also experience what I have experienced, see the workings of these amazing students on their own businesses.