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The Jungle

Social Media is the Jungle of the internet, the lost are your potential clients and exit is a purchase of a service from your website. 

Social Media is all about providing the map to direct the lost potential clients to their destination, which is your business. 

We have broken the complex marketing funnel into a simple but effective 3 Level Strategy that GUARANTIES RESULTS

" You can have the best product, but if people don't know it, then its useless"


Why Use Ajobintime


Optimizing Student Talent 

Students always know the best content that will provoke trends and knowledge on what content will be viral. Alongside this you will be supporting upcoming talent.  


Affordable Rates

Our ideal clients are start ups, freelancer and small businesses, clients who can't yet budget for large marketing activities. However you still need to grow your brand, we provide similar services at a more affordable cost  


Long Term Relationship

We strive for long term relationships with out client, you will have 24/7 access the team to maximize results and have the opportunity to discuss ideas to better your online presence 

What We Offer

Lead Generation

The initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business

Social Media Set up

You get the option of choosing which Social Media Accounts you would like set up. We offer LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Content Creation 

Its the creation of visuals which will be targeted to your audience, to increase engagement.

Sponsored Ads

The paid promotion of content to capture interests of a wider audience, beyond your own followers. 

Customer Service

We will reply to direct messages, like comments, to create a relationship with between your business and the potential client  

Building Followers

The growth of your business using organic means, such as groups and uploading frequent stories.

Email Marketing 

Reaching out to potential clients or customers by sending commercial messages, via email


We will send weekly reports of the growth of your social media pages including the levels of engagement brought by the marketing activity 

Free Social Media Consultation 

Book a FREE session to discuss how we can attract more clients to your Business


Our Services



Marketing Plan
Paid Monthly 

  • Content Creation (12 posts)
  •  Sponsored Ads (1)
  • Customer Service
  • Reporting



Marketing Plan - Most Popular!
Paid Monthly

  •  2 Social Media Page Set Up
  • Content (20 Posts Per Page)
  • Stories (4 Per Page)
  •  Sponsored Ads (2)
  • Customer Service 
  • Reporting



Marketing Plan
Paid Monthly 

  •  2 Social Media Page Set Up
  • Content (24 Posts Per Page)
  • Lead Generation
  • Stories (8 Per Page) 
  •  Sponsored Ads (4)
  • Customer Service
  • Reporting



Marketing Plan
Paid Monthly

 2 Social Media Page Set Up

 Content (28 Posts Per Page)

 Lead Generation

 Stories (12 Per Page)

 Email Marketing (8)

 Sponsored Ads (8)

 Customer Service



*Payment Paid Monthly
*Sponsored Ads paid separately

Samples Of Students Work 


Its amazing that my social media accounts are being run by talented African students. More Funding should be given to inspire these students. Amazing work Ajobintime  

Customer image

Jamie Shelton

IMotivat, Account Manager

Customer service is second to none, they really do put the customers first, always going out of their way to satisfy. Would recommend to and growing business 

Customer image

Jessie Nguyen

Wealthfest, Director

Great Visuals and content! Perfect solution for my small enterprise. Never knew there was so much talent in Africa, so glad i stumbled on this movement

Customer image

Hilary Queen

HQAdesigns, CEO & Founder