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What We Do!

We train African Students interested in Social Media Marketing on how to attract international clients and provide international job opportunities for those who pass our training, all for FREE! 

How we help Marketers?

Marketers have the knowledge and are aware of the tools which are required to make a business successful however, their design work needs help. International clients have high standards so your design skills need to be up to their requirements and that's where we come in.

How we help Designers?

Graphic Designers have the design skills to meet the requirements to satisfy the high standard of international clients. However they lack the skills to inform the clients which marketing strategies they should adopt. That's were we come in!

How we help non Designers & Marketers?

If you don't have skills in designing or marketing, fear not. We will teach you all the necessary skills to reach the point where you can satisfy any client. All you need is the will to learn!