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Practice. Practice. Makes Perfect

Being able to construct quality campaigns, is essential in order to become a great marketer. What makes campaigns successful isn't the actual post, but its the audience which you have defined and targeted. One can have the best post but if targeted to the wrong crowd, it would be a waste! 

So here we are testing your ability to create campaigns for our mock clients and be able to research on the clients business and come up with their ideal client, by demographics, interests etc. 

What we are looking for 

- Well targeted audience 
- Suitable Campaign Type
- Well crafted post with a message 

Any queries email [email protected] 

How to set up Ads Manager + Campaign Set up (MUST READ)

1. Open the Facebook Page you created
2. Click on 'Ads Manager' 
3. Click on 'Business Settings' 
4. Create an account, under 'Business name' put the name of your Ajobintime Page 
5. Click on 'More Tools' then 'Ads Manager' 
6. Click on your 'Icon'  located top left corner, then scroll over your 'Business Account' and click on the settings symbol to the right of it
7. Then click on 'Ad accounts', after that click on 'Add' then 'create new ad account'  (NO NEED TO PUT PAYMENT DETAILS WE WONT ASK FOR YOU TO RUN PAID CAMPAIGNS)
8. Assign yourself to Manage the account 
9. After that click on 'Assign Partner', then business id and add this number: 2641166466126646 (This will allow us to view your mock campaigns and provide feedback)
10. Allow us to ONLY 'Manage the Campaigns' 
11. Now you are all set to start creating mock campaigns, DO NOT PUBLISH ONLY SAVE AS DRAFTS

Good Luck!

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