Our Vision 

We strive to see EVERY African student financially independent, while creating a positive change in their communities! Today you start on the journey to turn your side hustle into a business!

The journey


Here at Ajobintime we want to aid in the discovery of a new, lucrative side hustle. The skills which you have obtained through years of education and university, are skills which are crucial in todays market

Become a Taskee today and showcase those skills and get paid for doing so. As soon as you post that skill, be it in writing, coding, web design etc. You would have embarked on a new hustle

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After embarking in your side hustle, we will offer the opportunity for you to add value to it, to enrich it. By allowing us to Build a website which best suits your hustle!

Every successful business has got an online presence, so its time for you to have one aswell!

Select one of our templates to start that journey

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With a slick and responsive website, the sky is your fueling station, you have the potential to reach millions with your service/product!

We have an elite group social media marketers, whose sole purpose is to take your website and place it in the hands of the people who need it the most!

After accomplishing this, you would have officially turned your side hustle into a full fledged business!

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What our students think

Esther Nasubo 

Social Media Marketer

. For the short period of time that I have had the opportunity to work with Ajobintime, I have grown a lot. My thinking capacity has widened whereby I am able to think broadly when it comes to messaging content and managing social media pages. I would boldly encourage my fellow students to let social media be their learning ground and explore how much can be achieved in terms of business, opportunities and above all, personal growth. It's a good learning and growing experience and I am happy to be part of this amazing team.

Vivian Nyakio

Skilled Taskee

I took up each task with much zeal and in turn exuded professionalism while delivering the desired results. I got stuck several times, but I took it up as an opportunity to learn and that built my confidence. With that I started looking forward to the tasks as they were an opportunity to learn and earn. I excelled in every task such that I would constantly get requests from customers. I decided to tell a few colleagues of mine about the platform, and they all signed up and began their journeys. I would get positive feedback and that made me happy that I brought them on

Rose Mathenge

Blog Writer 

The blogging website has simple to use features and a variety of templates to choose from plus starting your own blog posts is quite cost effective. I liked the in depth knowledge provided through articles that can be applied in real life BEST for startups and small businesses. It’s more than profit making but rather motivational. You can set up your account to be a Taskee and it’s up and running in a matter of minutes. If you are looking for a supportive hand that will guide you through your hustle then this the place for you. That’s Ajobintime for me!