Job oppertunity  

We Provide Job Opportunites for African Talent  


Our Highest Ambition is to Help African Students

Our program contributes to the development of innovative, creative and adaptable talents across Africa. These  talented individuals , however aren't given the chance to showcase it   

 Our program heightens their confidence by giving them well-formatted, internationally recognized  CVs to demonstrate their, ingenuity and creativity which they have been refining throughout the years       


Africa is packed with  extremely intelligent, highly qualified individuals. However  after several years of seeking work that suit their skills, they are forced to take up jobs in the labor industry.

The quality of jobs presented to the individual is apart of the issue. Here at Ajobintime we want to utilize those hard earned and learned skills, effectively present them, with the aim  to not allow all those years of study to perish in vain. We want to provide opportunities to refine their skills and acquire jobs suited to their talents. 


High Youth Unemployment Rate in Africa 

Poor Representation

One of the issues that results to high unemployment rate, is the poor representation of skills and accomplishments 

Limited Opportunites

There are handful for opportunties for talent in Africa to showcase their areas of experterise and making a living from it


There is an absence of an environment where students can continue to grow and recieve guidance, mentorship,to show how they can be the next Leaders.


How We Solve It

1. Create CV

We create well formatted CV's, that will boost confidence when applying to jobs, as well as make their CV stand out. 

2. Find Job Opportunities

We continously search for work opportunties both locally and internationally, so that the students can showcase their talents

3. Create Ecosystem for Growth

We plan to partner and collaborate with other like-minded organisations, who offer different services to tackle unemployment. To create a virbrant environment for the youth.


Meet The CEO 


I am a 22 Year old student with a Masters in Bioinformatics. I understand very clearly about the turmoil's and problems as students face especially in the job market. 

Abroad Experience

Being abroad, offered me a perfect opportunity to understand the western markets and how to live up and go beyond their standards.


It has always been a dream of mine to bring home the knowledge which i gained from studies abroad and change lives for the people in my home continent 

Students Are the Leaders of Tomorrow 

Students will govern our tomorrow, so its paramount that each student is granted the opportunity to portray their innovativeness and geniosity, which in return will boost their confidence and as a result, make tomorrow better than it was yesterday for society 



 For the short period of time that I have had the opportunity to work with Ajobintime, I have grown a lot. My thinking capacity has widened whereby I am able to think broadly when it comes to messaging content and managing social media pages.

Nasubo Glory


 I decided to take up the classes and sharpened up my social media marketing skills. With my new CV and the skill i learnt I now feel very confident with handling social media marketing tasks thanks to Ajobintime.

Vivian Nyakio


I took up each task with much zeal and in turn exuded professionalism while delivering the desired results. I got stuck several times, but I took it up as an opportunity to learn and that built my confidence. With that I started looking forward to the tasks given by Ajobintime as they were an opportunity to learn and earn

Rose Mathenge


lets help the talented.

together, lets make their dreams

come true.