About us

We are looking for creative people (taskees) who want to earn money online by helping fulfil Tasks in the communities around them. Our innovative platform created by students and sponsored by Motivat Foundation is FREE to join and brings to the customer (taskers) a large choice of individuals with different skills, to accomplish their digital tasks at very affordable prices.

We appreciate the time taken by our taskees to achieve the knowledge and skills that they have gained from several years of studies. We wanted to create a platform which helps them grow their mastery as well provide an opportunity to give back to the community.

Taskees can earn by using their skills such as writing, blogging etc and perform tasks online and get paid after completion. Taskees can create their online profiles by registering single or multiple skills and attaching attractive images to increase visibility.

Customers (taskers) can quickly generate a wishlist of qualified taskees in multiple skill categories. With each listed taskee, they will be able to review detailed profiles and customer reviews/ratings and find the perfect match for their tasks.

Together, let us make it happen!