6 Best ways to become a better writer - By Simon Peter

I have been wiring for the past 5 years and I can tell you it is possible to earn a living writing for customers. I see myself as an expert in this field because I pay my bills and have money to save by simply take on online writing jobs.

If you are looking at getting into online writing, it is important to learn and sharpen your skills to become extraordinary because its a field that you will get to work with experts and clients who are only after getting the best.

If you don’t have any experience in writing it is okay, anybody from anyplace on the planet can do this. You only need to know how to speak, read, understand, and write in English which far much a universal language. This will open you up for huge opportunities to write to millions of audiences online.

I'm not the best essayist or writer out there, however, I do know how to compose successful pieces that my customers love. To help you as another budding writer, here are solid composing tips you can employ in your creative cycle to assist you with improving as an independent writer.

  1. Write Daily

The saying that goes ‘practice makes perfect’ is practical and true. If you want to become a good writer then you have to commit to composing a piece on a daily basis.

I own a few websites and blogs where I write on different subjects from business to self-development to life skills and money other which constantly helps me improve my knowledge in the industries that I focus on.

If you write on a daily basis it will build your confidence and knowledge in an area that interests you. If you don’t have a blog or a website worry not. You can start by using the available platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others which are free to use. Use these to compose whatever you are working on or simply just share thoughts on a topic. Do this in 2 to 3 sentences a day and you not believe how great you become and connecting thoughts and ideas in writing to an online audience.

Writing regularly also helps you to build your portfolio and improves your general composing aptitude.

  1. Outline your content

One of the most ideal approaches to improve your writing skills or composing aptitude is to make an outline of all that you write.

This is very essential especially when you get a chance to write for a client. Customers need a rational and complete work, so having a clear framework can help ensure you incorporate everything your customer needs.

For me, I consider what I need to expound on and make subtopics and afterward different thoughts I need to expound on. For more assistance, you can perceive how other independent writers and bloggers build up their creative cycle.

  1. Research on what you want to write about

Researching on a topic you want to write about will improve your knowledge in the field and gives you a chance to find gaps that have not been filled by other writers. It also gives you a chance to see the topic through other writers’ perspectives.  This will successfully improve your writing specialty and aid you in becoming a better writer.

All things considered, you'll comprehend your specialty better. You'll likewise peruse from different bloggers and journalists and advertisers on their interpretation of the topic you are writing on. For instance, how do they present their knowledge on how to become a better writer as a topic?

You additionally get the opportunity to peruse how these writers utilize their words and compose sentences for an online crowd. The entirety of this can assist you in building up your writing skills.

When I started writing I used to read a lot of blogs and articles to build my knowledge, I still do read a lot because there is no ceiling when it comes to learning and becoming better.

If you do this you can retain HOW each blog entry is composed, how they organize their sentences, and the sort of language they utilize into your own composition.




  1. Keep your paragraphs short with solid sentences

If you have noticed with this article I'm by and large keeping in touch with short paragraphs with solid sentences. This can help in communicating your thoughts and ideas in a better way.

Shorter paragraphs make it easy for the audience to internalize your ideas and thoughts. If you are looking at becoming an independent writer for the online audience then you should consider learning and practice on how to compose shorter paragraphs with shorter sentences.

The online audience has tons of options to look at so you need to hook them to your content with coherent and short paragraphs.  Make it simple for them.

  1. Use simple words

Using complex words may drive you into believing that you are smarter. Well, this is not true.

Your choice of words should be simple and try to avoid turning it into a Ph.D. Thesis paper at all costs. It will not help you in driving traffic to your content. It is better to keep it simple and easier for your audience to read and understand what you are putting across.

Leave the big and fancy words for simple and understandable words for easier flow of ideas. Don’t make your readers go searching for meanings of certain words.

  1. Just keep writing

To become a better writer I encourage you to just keep writing. Allow your thoughts and ideas to flow with no interruptions. Don’t edit your work as you write because it alters the flow of ideas. After you have your content outlined it is advisable to just write it out. 

If you write every day, you get used to it and it gets easier and easier. So just keep writing.