How to make MONEY from Blogs!

Blogging is a hobby that can give you good money. Blogging for money is a reality. It can also be a good way to make money either as a side hustle or as a full-time job. It may not be the easiest way to make money but the main advantage is anyone can do it. All you need is something good to talk about and patience to create traffic and a following. 

The following are tips on how to make money from blogging:

  • Use affiliate marketing on your blog
  • Affiliate marketing is where you add tracked affiliate links into your blog. You can get a commission when a reader clicks through to a website that you recommend and makes a purchase. The links will lead your readers to the brand’s website and the money you receive is a form of appreciation for sending some of your readers to their website.

    Most online eCommerce websites like Amazon, Apple and others have an affiliate program. You can sign up to Affiliate window- this is a large affiliate network where you can promote many popular brands and services from around the world.

    The main aim here is to give your honest opinions and only encourage your readers to buy a legit product.

  • Add banner adverts to your website
  • This is a good way for monetising your blog. You can sell banner advertising space on your blog space to companies or brands who can relate to your readers. Adverts can be placed anywhere in a blog but most of them are found across the top of blog pages.

    You can get your income in 2 ways:

    1. Through CPC (cost per click)- this means that you’ll get an agreed payment for every reader who clicks on that advert.
    2. Through CPM (cost per thousand)- this means that you’ll negotiate a payment for every 1,000 ‘impressions’ the ad gets.

    CPC and CPM have become relatively low due to Adblocker but it depends on your sector and there is really no harm in trying them out. 

  • Write advertorial and sponsored content
  • One of the best ways of making money from a blog is through offering sponsored content opportunities. An example is, if Nike brings out a new shoe and you have a blog on shoes, they may offer to pay you to write an article about their products. You may also be able to add some affiliate links. This means you will get money from two different sources. 

    This method works best when you have a big niche audience. Once you have many readers, brands will approach you to talk about sponsored posts. To gain from this method, you should consider growing your traffic and audience.

  • Charge for sponsored social media posts
  • if you have a good social media following, you will be attractive to brands. Some people entirely make their blogging money through sponsored posts on social media. You can charge per post and the fees can be really good. 

    All you need to do is build your followers (social proof). This assures brands that your readers will like what you post about them

  • Write guest blog posts for media outlets
  • Sometimes brands that have their own blogs will reach out to you if you are knowledgeable on a certain topic, asking you to write something on their website. Say if you’re knowledgeable on painting, for example, a newspaper might reach out to you to contribute some painting skills to their painting magazine.

    Don’t shy off on pitching ideas to publications either, if editors are not familiar with you, you can write a quick email introduction to make your blog more popular.

  • Work with an agency to build your blog
  • Blogging has become very popular in the advertising world. This has led to the rise of agencies which have been exclusively catered to promoting bloggers to big brands. Working in an agency is a good idea and you are offered security but you will need to have a good audience to be able to get in first place.

    Agency fees are pretty high meaning that only the biggest brands will be able to work with you since they can afford it. Depending on the kind of blogging business you’re aiming for this may or may not work to your advantage. Say for example fashion blogging, the high agency fees might prevent you from working with the small independent designers you desire to promote.

  • Get employer’s attention as a blogger
  • One of the easiest ways to monetizing your blog is promoting your own business or landing yourself a job.  You can use your blog as an online profile where you can build your portfolio, show off your skills and hopefully land a good job out of it. 

    Think of your blog as a small business and by showing potential employers that you can do this perfectly, you’re showing that you are determined, can do the work successfully and know how to achieve success with it. If you are a student selling things online, your blog is the best platform to promote your business but don’t go all in as that will put your readers off.

  • Sell digital products on your blog
  • If you have good skills or services like advice to offer, you can charge a fee for your readers to get access to eBooks, video tutorials, courses or workshops. For this to really work out, you need to show how extremely good you are at what you do or that your content is really incredible. This isn’t very easy since it is difficult convince people to pay up.

    In conclusion, you can really make money from blogging though it is variable. Monetising a blog takes time and it highly relies on you having traffic. The more readers you have, the more attractive you are to advertisers.   

     It’s not an easy task and it needs patience but once it happens, it’s one of the best jobs.