In our daily browsing on the internet, we have come across groups either on Whatsapp or Facebook created for the single purpose of helping group members ask and gain more information. Be it a group for imports, a cooking group, a group for brainstorming business ideas and these groups are usually a number of people who have come together with an objective to uplift each other, to gather and share information in regard to the goal of the group. So what is a mastermind group? This is a group of people with the same mind set and who wish to achieve a certain goal, that have come together to help each other fulfill this particular goal. There is usually a facilitator who keeps conversations on track and asks thought provoking questions that will prompt you to think deeper. As Napoleon Hill would put it” a mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose”.

Let me take you through a scenario where you are able to get expert feedback and new ideas on an ongoing basis, you get introductions to amazing people that could help you grow your business, and you get to spend more time with people who are motivated and are committed to your success; that’s an ideal mastermind group. In a mastermind group, the agenda belongs to the group and each person’s participation and commitment is important. The partners within the group give you feedback, they help you brainstorm for more possibilities and come up with structures that will keep you stay focused and in line. You may compare this group to a community full of support who brainstorm together, to push then move members to new heights. In the business world, mastermind groups are essential especially to new and upcoming business owners. A lot of research is required before venturing into any business and where best could you get expertise advice if not from people that have knowledge and experience in this field. These groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education and support in a group setting to sharpen your business skills. The process involves first creating a goal then devise plans on how you can achieve them. Then the members will help you with creative ideas and decision making. You can share your successes and failures since problems are solved through collective thinking of members while success can be applauded. So you can imagine how selective you will need to be in the type of persons you will invite to your group or the kind of group that you wish to join. You do not want to be in a group that is less accommodating or one that critics other members small progress and ideas. You want group members who will go all in with you in terms of honesty, goals and drive. Make sure to choose your members wisely.

How can you benefit from a mastermind group? Many top athletes, entertainers and business people have mentors who help them and show them the way through. No one has really been able to achieve success by themselves, at some point we all need a helping hand. Sometimes to reach to the top we need to be surrounded by people who have been there and those that are willing to go there with you. In this group you will not only be on the receiving end but you will also be actively involved in sharing ideas and advice. It’s a place where you expect members to be honest with you, who will provide different perspectives into your plans and let you know what you are forgetting to focus on. Mastermind groups share business contacts and references and that’s a big boost especially for those that are starting out on their hustle. In this group you will have the energy to pursue your business even more and elevate your own life. Members of your mastermind group will have skills and ideas that have taken years to develop which to your advantage, they will share it with you. Attendees of mastermind groups tend to be successful people looking to mingle with others. There are times you will lose the interest you once had in running your business venture, these groups help to keep you accountable and keep your passion alive. This group is like a pool of resource that you can tap into, here members encourage and understand you in your times of failures and celebrate with you when you succeed in achieving your goals or simply making progress in your business. You need to gain more skills? Well a mastermind group is the place for you. The group brings lots of people from different walks of life with different levels of skills and expertise. As members share ideas and challenges you will get to acquire problem solving skills, the thought provoking sessions will make you smarter, financial management skills and you might get an idea or two to add to your hustle.

During challenging times in your business you do not have to tackle it alone. Join a mastermind group that will allow you to pick the brains of other experienced members then you will be motivated to overcome and avoid problems that have affected others.

In this regard, we are hosting a Mastermind group and we encourage any and all like minded entrepreneurial students to come to learn, discuss and grow. This is a location where we can discuss our problems in business and come up with solutions to help each other, talk about business related topics, and more importantly an area where we can connect.

The meetings will occur Virtually over zoom, every Sunday at 8:00pm – 9:30pm EAT.

The best part is that it is absolutely free to join! If you are interested in joining, or have further questions, simply send us an email at to reserve your space for the next session. We believe that students are intelligent, innovative, adaptable and creative, so when we unite, together we can make a huge difference in our communities.